Physician Advisor Job Description


In response to numerous requests for a physician advisor job description, it is important to acknowledge several key points to consider when creating a job description for a role as a physician advisor:

  1. There is no one job description that fits all models for the role of a physician advisor.
  2. All job descriptions for physician advisors will be individually unique to the particular situation within each organization. The physician advisor's job description should be tailored to the specific needs of the organization, or the specific role of the physician advisor within that organization.
  3. The term "physician advisor" is a generic and all-encompassing term to include the many diverse functions that potentially fall within the scope of the physician advisor role.
  4. All or part of the physician advisor's job description template may also help delineate the various roles performed by a physician advisor, but under different titles such as: medical director of Care Management, director of Utilization Management, medical director of denials and appeals, chief medical compliance and regulatory officer, physician champion for Care Management and Clinical Documentation Integrity, etc.
  5. Most job descriptions for the physician advisor's role broadly outline the scope of responsibilities and expectations for the various categories of that particular job function.

In general, the American College of Physician Advisors (ACPA) recommends defining the organizational expectations and job responsibilities within a physician advisor’s job description to include the reporting responsibilities, outlining the categorical expectations, and listing the measurable performance expectations. The following job description example should serve only as an outline or template for consideration and is not intended to be all inclusive, inflexible or uniform across the profession. The format as presented allows you or your organization to select individual statements or categories for the easy application to your specific organizational needs.

The ACPA is pleased to offer this benefit to all ACPA members as part of our organizational commitment to provide our membership with the best information and resources available for the advancement of the physician advisor profession.