American College of Physician Advisors Certification (ACPA-C)


As the only national, non-profit organization dedicated to and led by physician advisors, the American College of Physician Advisors (ACPA) is dedicated to educating the professionals in this field.

The Learning Center (TLC), which for years has served as the cornerstone of physician advisor education, has recently been expanded and updated. It includes content created by national subject matter experts covering topics in utilization/case management, clinical documentation integrity, revenue cycle, and program optimization. From this knowledge bank, topics foundational to excelling in the role of physician advisor have been collated to create the ACPA Certification Module Set and ACPA Certification Exam.

The certification exam consists of 100 questions written and edited by nationally recognized physician advisors encompassing the entire spectrum of a physician advisor’s professional scope. It tests practical, mandatory knowledge points and serves as a benchmark for the industry. Those who pass the exam and become ACPA-Certified (ACPA-C) can be confident they possess the requisite knowledge to perform the duties of a physician advisor in any setting.

Pathways to Receive ACPA Certification

Eligibility to Sit for the ACPA-C Exam can be Accomplished in One of Two Ways:

  1. Complete at least one of two versions of the ACPA’s physician advisor curriculum:
  2. Proof of physician advisor experience/established knowledge base via:
    • Submission of a curriculum vitae demonstrating at least three years working as a physician advisor
    • Submission of prior, alternative physician advisor certification

We invite and encourage you to take the next step in demonstrating your proficiency as a physician advisor.

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