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If Congress plans on fixing the RACS in 2015, they need to read this first By Brad Flansbaum, The Hospital Leader, February 24, 2015

CEO-Physician Advisor Evolution: Barriers and Opportunities by Elizabeth Lamkin (May 2014)

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned: Make Utilization Management A Key Component of Your Strategic Plan by Elizabeth Lamkin (March 2014)

The New CMS Rules May Bring Clarification to All Appeal Levels, but Stay Focused on the Big Picture by Elizabeth Lamkin (December 2013)

HIPAA HITECH Final Rule Compliance Starts Monday by Elizabeth Lamkin (September 2013)

Are the Administrative Law Judges Under Siege? By Elizabeth Lamkin (August 2013)

Care Management: The First Line of Defence for Your Bottom Line by Elizabeth Lamkin (July 2013)

Systems Approach Key to Improving Physician Billing Documentation by Elizabeth Lamkin (March 2013)

Using Post-Acute Services to Improve Efficiency in the Acute Care Setting by Elizabeth Lamkin (November 2012)

Estimated RAC Risk: Doing the Math by Amanda Berglund (September 2012)

CMS and Contractor Audit Survival Calls for a Strong Offensive Team by Elizabeth Lamkin and Greg Calosso (August 2012)

Hope in a One Page Letter: Congress to the GAO by Greg Calosso (July 2012)

Keeping Track of Your RAC Activity: Let Nothing Fall Through the Cracks by Amanda Berglund (June 2012)

Don't Let HIPAA Audits Take You By Surprise: It's Not Just the Office For Civil Rights by Elizabeth Lamkin and Lisa Thompson (May 2012)

What Happens When RACs Don't Hold Up Their End of the Deal? by Amanda Berglund (April 2012)

Need a Silver Bullet? Try Adding a Physician Advisor by Elizabeth Lamkin and Greg Calosso (March 2012)

Crew Resource Management: Improving Patient Safety by Dave Robinson (February 2012)

Recovery Audits and Billing Compliance in ASCs by Elizabeth Lamkin (February 2012)

HIPAA Compliance Audits: Your Newest Risk for Providers? by Elizabeth Lamkin and Greg Calosso (February 2012)

Medicaid RAC Effective January 1, 2011 by Elizabeth Lamkin (December 2011)

Waves of New Issues by Elizabeth Lamkin and Greg Calosso (November 2011)

More Complex Reviews Expected from the RACs by Elizabeth Lamkin (October 2011)

The RAC Tsunami on the Horizon by Elizabeth Lamkin (September 2011)

Understanding and Managing the Posted RAC Issues by Amanda Berglund (August 2011)

Three Common Problems Detected by RACs by Elizabeth Lamkin (July 2011)